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Since 2003, we have been proudly serving Peel Region and surrounding areas. We provide general contracting, landscape, and renovation. Our passion is gardening, and our objective is to make yours beautiful.

"Making Your Home Your Castle..."




Dr. Ihab A. 

You and your team have been the most professional and reliable company I have been dealing with since the start of the project.

I know I can depend on you and I know you will be there when there is any issues and your management for the property has been outstanding for the many years we worked together. 


E. Hall

My family and I have the opportunity of working with Mike for over ten years. He is trustworthy and is extremely professional. I have hired several landscaper services prior to meeting him and  I would recommend him to anyone who would like a fabulous garden/lawn. When I think of perfection and someone who enhances my garden I immediately think about Mike. I am very fussy with my Lawn and when he manicures it I receive numerous compliments from my friends and passerbys  saying “You have the best garden/lawn on the street”.

If you are looking for Landscaper please contact Mike. 



M. Milando  

So many of my neighbours have stopped and asked me who was responsible for such a neat and well-cared-for property since my husband passed away. I had the pleasure of telling them who it was.....Michael at Castlemore Property Maintenance! 

I have passed on your name and phone number to those who have requested it, as I feel that your work ethic on being reliable, punctual, and thorough should be shared. 

Thank you once again for all you do in helping me maintain a fresh, green, cut and trimmed lawn, plants, bushes and trees. 

                 Garden/Lawn Tips:

How to keep your grass healthy?
- Consistently watering is the easiest way to keep grass green and healthy

How to remove weeds?
- Adding a mixture of salt and vinegar into a spray bottle is one of the most efficient ways to remove unwanted weeds

How to get rid of plant destroying bugs?
- A spray bottle of soap water will kill and stick bugs onto the plants which will remove plant killing bugs
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